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Change your username
How to change your Chatwind username
Don't like your current username? Or do you just want to change your Chatwind appearance? Well, either way, changing your username is easy!

Change your username

You can easily change your username through the Chatwind dashboard. Once on the dashboard, select the "Settings" button/icon.
After clicking "Settings", you will be brought to your account settings page. Go to the "Account" section to change your username.
In the "Username" field, you can enter the username you would like.
Scroll down to the "Change Password" section, and enter your current password in the "Old Password" field. Do NOT change the "New Password" field unless you also want to change your password.
Click "Update" and your username will be updated!
NOTE: If there is a popup saying that "there was an error, check your console", this probably means that you are being rate limited
Last modified 7mo ago
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